Populum CBD 2019 Review - Is It Worth The Hype?

The 2019 complete buyer's guide and review of Populum CBD products, quality, mission, variety and value

Populum Mission

Populum claims to be the brand for people. They are one of the few brands of CBD that explicitly puts the needs of their customers before anything else. Their main goal is that to help people discover CBD without any strings attached.

They also claim their mission is to remove the stigma from hemp, which has been unfairly denounced for decades, and make the astonishing benefits of pure CBD, palatable, risk free and affordable to everyone. 

We did a deep dive to figure out whether they are really the company they claim to be.

Populum Value

For a company that claims their mission is to make CBD affordable for everyone, their major downside is their prices. This brand is priced well above market value compared to other reputable CBD brands. 

Coming it at just under $9-$12 per 50 Mg of CBD, their oils are the most expensive of all the brands on our list, ranking them dead last in 'Cost per 50 mg' on our Top Twelve Best CBD Oil Brands 2019.

Populum Transparency

As far as quality, Populum sources organic and non-GMO hemp from domestic farms in Colorado and all their products are formulated in a GMP certified facility.

Another major plus for Populum is the fact that they offer lab results in every box as well as standard lab results on their website. Their website does not have a dedicated section where they fully discuss their farming techniques or their extraction practices, however upon reading their FAQ we did notice that they use Ethanol extraction as their method of extraction.

Although this method of extraction is not ideal for CBD isolate, given the polar and non-polar nature of ethanol, many scientists do however acknowledge this extraction method is actually preferred for creating full spectrum CBD like Populum, because it cleans the oil of all waxes, lipids, and chlorophyll.

Populum CBD Capsules

Populum Customer Service

If customer service is a deciding factor for you when selecting your next CBD product, then Populum may actually be your best choice. This is where this company truly stands out and shines among other brands.

For starters their website offers a very thoughtful FAQ section where they have explained (in great detail) common questions and complaints that people have with cannabis and CBD. They also have a dedicated and knowledgable support staff ready to answer any questions.

Populum boldly stands behind their claim that they want people to discover the benefits of CBD risk-free. They are the first CBD brand to offer an incredible risk-free 30-day trial period and return policy that allows customers who bought their products to receive a complete refund if they did not find the product satisfactory - even if they've finished the whole bottle.

Populum Variety

For the CBD consumer looking for a wide variety of products, it may be best to look elsewhere. While Populum does have various CBD products such as capsules and topicals, they offer far less options of product and concentrations than many of the other established brands.

However some would argue, what they lack in options they make up for with flavor and that perhaps their smaller product selection intentional because it means they are mainly focused and committed to their oil.

Populum also implies in their FAQ stating that the problem with many CBD brands is that they taste like hemp and while other CBD brands may follow similar quality standards, Populum created a unique and subtle flavor powered naturally by orange essence, winning them multiple awards. They also claim that they don't mask the earthy taste of hemp with harsh artificial flavorings, like other flavored brands but instead work with the natural properties of the oil extracts from the hemp plant and orange zests, leaving your mouth feeling fresh.




Populum CBD Tincture
Populum Hemp Rub

Concentration / Flavor / price per 50mg

Concentration / Size / Price Per 50mg

Concentration / Size

250mg / 30ml




30 CT

3 FL oz

$11.8 / 50mg

$7.26 / 50mg

$22.5 / 50mg

500mg / 30ml




$9.9 / 50mg


1000mg / 30mL




$8.95 / 50mg



For those who value customer service, quality and flavor over price then this brand is certainly a no brainer. Populum clearly cares about their customer satisfaction and their risk-free 30-day trial period is a more generous offer than the majority of reputable CBD brands offer.

Another major upside is that they are highly regarded for their palatable flavor, and for some the flavor is worth the high price tag. Their oil is enhanced naturally by orange zest giving their flavor profile fresh citrusy tones, which many critics seem to enjoy more than the standard hemp flavor that most brands offer.

They are transparent about their product, but they could benefit from going into greater detail about the hemp they source as well as their cultivation and extraction methods.

The one downside we see for this company is their pricing. Their extracts are priced between $9-$12 per 50 Mg which is almost triple the price of comparable brands like cbdmd, charlotte's web and bluebird botanicals.

Overall this is a great brand, and if you don't mind the steep prices, they are still a great option.

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