Bluebird Botanicals CBD 2019 Review - Is It Worth The Hype?

Bluebird Botanicals Review

The 2019 complete buyer's guide and review of Bluebird Botanical's CBD products, quality, mission, variety and value

Bluebird Botanicals Mission

Bluebird Botanicals is family-owned CBD company with a mission focused on compassion, altruism, quality, transparency and strict sourcing and business practices designed to have a minimal negative impact on the environment. Their commitment to ethical farming is second to none.

Bluebird Botanicals is a true pioneer of the CBD industry, paving the way for many other brands available on the market today. Established in 2012, Bluebird Botanicals, quickly grew a reputation for their high quality hemp products, even winning multiple prestigious awards for their commitment to incredibly high production standards. Bluebird CBD really does strive to embody the values they claim through multiple endeavors, offering assistance programs which provide substantial discounts to veterans, low-income and those with disabilities.

Bluebird Botanicals Quality

Bluebird is 100% committed to quality control and is recognized as one of the best in the industry when it comes to world class consistency for their products, being recognized by the Cannabis Business Awards as the Best Hemp Company and Product in 2018

Now lets get to the products! Bluebird Botanicals CBD is made from 100% organic American hemp which is sourced in Colorado. The flowers are extracted via a low temperature supercritical CO2 extraction which they claim produces a superior extract. They also offer both broad and full spectrum oils as well as isolates which can all be consumed via tinctures, capsules or vape oils.

Bluebird Botanicals Value

Another good thing to note about this company is they do offer relatively competitive prices especially when you consider the standards for their product. Coming in at $3.5-$5 per 50mg, they ranked fifth in 'Cost per 50 mg' on our Top Twelve Best CBD Oils.

Bluebird Botanicals Transparency

Many companies will only provide an in-house pass/fail sheet but Bluebird has implemented a cutting-edge batch database to provide their customers with extra comfort and transparency.

Bluebird Botanicals prides themselves on transparency. Every single bottle that leaves their facility has a batch number which can be used to find a full set of 3rd-party Certificates of Analysis which include analysis for potential microbial life, mold, heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides, and the complete cannabinoid profile.

This company conducts third-party lab testing on every single product batch and has received certification from the U.S. Hemp Authority, as well as for being Glyphosate Residue Free.

Bluebird Botanicals Customer Service

Bluebird Botanicals is renowned by many CBD enthusiasts for their passion and commitment to customer service, priding themselves on being responsive to every one of their customers needs.

The only downside for Bluebird Botanicals in this category, is that their return policy is not as generous as other brands like Populum or Joy - they do not offer trial options and only accept returns for unused products up to $110.

Bluebird Botanicals Variety

Bluebird Botanicals has a large product selection, offering more CBD products than most reputable companies which may be appealing to those who seek variety. Their website offers various concentrations of CBD extract and capsules, topical lotions, vape juice, pet products and THC free CBD. They also offer sample packs, so that customers can test various flavors and formulas.




Bluebird Botanicals CBD
Hemp Extract Capsules
Bluebird Botanicals Cream

Concentration / Flavor / price per 50mg

Concentration / Size / Price Per 50mg

Concentration / Size

250mg / 30ml



Classic, Complete, Signature

60 CT, 120 CT

3.4 FL oz

$5 / 50mg

$4.15 / 50mg

$2.85 / 50mg

1500mg / 30ml



Classic, Complete, Signature

$4.45 / 50mg

$4 / 50mg




For those who value quality, altruism, transparency, ethical farming practices and fair prices then this brand is an an easy choice.  Bluebird Botanicals places a lot of focus on sourcing from farms that using ethical business practices and is one of the few brands that offers lab reports available on their website for every single batch.

They offer a wide variety of products, blends and concentrations as well as isolates and THC Free versions of their product and their prices are relatively fair compared to other reputable CBD brands.

Overall Bluebird Botanicals is a great choice for any CBD consumer.

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